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I know English but not enough to afford the translation of the entire site, sorry! As you can see my grammar and syntax are quite... creative, but I managed to make a little explanation and a quick english FAQ.

Who is this Juzo-kun dude, anyway?

I'm not a 'dude' rather than a dudette :P

My name is Francesca, I was born in 1970 and I live and work in Italy. I'm principally a graphic designer and a web-designer, with a strong pick on standard code and accessibility themes. I also work as an illustrator.

Contact info

The contacts page either in Italian and in English. The latter needs Javascript to correctly manage the mail address (with JS deactivated you'll have to manually enter the address in your mail client). You can also leave a message in one of my LiveJournal entries [anonymous comments are screened].

Other pages

I have other pages around here, where I also try to write in english or upload drawings or sketches that I don't publish here:

Thank you and enjoy! :)


You may find the FAQ here. [Link to LiveJournal]

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