Credits, where credits is due

Main problem being, I don't know where it has to be due. Continue reading...

The art and character design

My drawings are inspired for the original Linux-tan character design.

You can find an icon of it here.

I searched everywhere but I didn't found the original creator (hint: if you know please contact me so I can give proper credits!).

The Linux-distributions

The various distribution designs are made from suggestions from my DeviantART watchers and from my interpretation. They have little things (a hint of the brand, the colors) to suggest wich they are, and I think this can be considered fair use.

And then?

Well, after considering the above, I thought after all the effort on designing all the girls needs some recognition anyway :)

So i decided to put the art and my version of character design on a Creative Common License, this:

Creative Commons License
Published under a Creative Commons License.

In short: be free to copy, alter and change the character design as you fit (and if you think a particular design doesn't fit well, tell me! My Linux knowledge is below basic, and I can learn something on the way).

I only ask you don't claim my own art (that you find in the gallery and desktops) as yours. Heh.

And since I can't track the origins, I also can't say if a commercial use of it is allowed or not. In doubt, I assume a no, thus the non-commercial switch of the license.

The original Tux

I also feel I must give an acknowledgment the original Tux, because after all if Linux-tan dress is quite penguin-like the inspiration came straight from it :)

So: original Tux is (c) Larry Ewing.

Site layout

The site layout and design are under this version of Creative Commons License.

Creative Commons License
Published under a Creative Commons License.

Site scripts

I cannot code in JS to save my life, so I have to use other programmer's resource made avaliable to the 'net. In this mini-site I used the following scripts:

Mail Enkoder: Present in the contact page, used for encoding the mail in JS so spambots (hopefully) don't detect it: Automatic Labs Mail Enkoder.

Tootip Baloon: (italian version): Bubble Tooltip.

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